Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessories

Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires
  • Cat Bates Jewelry and Accessoires

I employ a variety of techniques in the design and manufacture of my work, from sand casting to sailor knotting, 3-d modeling to forging. I utilize the skills of other professionals when economically  and/or conceptually appropriate, and in these instances give credit in the product description. I believe that the method used to produce a piece of jewelry (or any object) resonates within it, even if it is not obvious to a casual observer.

As a designer, I find a distinct beauty in utilitarian objects, and often notice that through use such objects become more beautiful still. I think of a bronze oarlock, its exterior caked with oxide from exposure to salt spray, its interior buffed to a warm luster by the rubbing of a dinghy's wooden oars. I design  jewelry to be durable, so that use may compound its beauty. If you wear one of my pieces, I hope that you will take pleasure in knowing that you are part of what makes it beautiful.

I sell my work through my website, at a number of small craft shows throughout the year and select retail locations around the United States.

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Cat Bates, jewelry designer, Maine

What metalsmith do you admire most?
My favorite metalsmith is actually a brand called Parts of 4.  Their designs are generally quite simple in form, but exude what I can best describe as urgency; it is as if the maker could see the share in their mind's eye, and ran towards it at top speed, screeching to a halt the instant the design was realized. From a traditional metalsmithing standpoint many pieces seem unfinished, but in a contemporary context it is more so that they worked just the right amount; there are no extraneous actions, so every mark is paramount to the design.
What was your favorite piece to craft?
I wouldn't pick a favorite, don't want to make the others envious. Braiding the cord for Sister Clasp Necklace 2.1 is particularly satisfying though, as is breaking open the sand mold for the Thimble Necklace.
What one piece would you like to make that you haven't yet?
I have a vision for a cast cuff bracelet, with "cells" all around the outer perimeter, each filled with a little pool of metal, poured in and left raw. I'm still figuring out how to actually make it though, there is a lot of problem solving to go!
Your favorite drink and place to enjoy it?
IPA, on the porch of the cottage I grew up in. Late in the afternoon, with the company of a few family members or friends.  

What would be your last meal?
I'll have to see when I get there. A most memorable meal was one I enjoyed this past fall, on a camping excursion in Norway.  A friend shot some small birds as we hiked, and that evening we cleaned the carcases and roasted the meat on sticks over an open fire. My eyes stung from the smoke and I was exhausted to the point of delirium, but the taste of the meat, so tender and rich stays with me.

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