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C.H. Becksvoort
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My pieces are intended to harmonize with your environment, as well as with our environment. I use native, sustainably harvested cherry and an oil finish. In the long run and most important, a well-designed, well-built piece of furniture that lasts 100 years is always preferable to one that can be bought at one quarter the price but must be replaced every ten years.
Since the mid 1970's, I've been privileged to do restoration work for the last Shaker community here at Sabbathday Lake, ME. The Shakers have had a profound influence on my work: their clean unadorned simplicity, functionalism and craftsmanship. Whether building an exact reproduction or drawing inspiration for my own designs, I keep the basic Shaker tenets in mind.
Every piece is built to order. My aim has been, and continues to be, to create the highest quality individually built furniture to suit your specific needs. Toward that end, I use the best wood available and time honored joinery techniques. When you invest in my furniture, you get the benefit of over four decades of experience in joinery, wood technology, restoration, design, technical perfection, and meticulous craftsmanship. You get furniture to enjoy for life, built by someone who really understands wood. As one client put it: "Your craftsmanship is incredible... so exacting, it's hard to believe that the piece was built in 1994."
After all these years, I still work alone. Each piece is designed, laid out, glued up, sanded, constructed and finished by me.

Shaker round stands: The stand on the left is 18" in diameter. It was originally built around 1850 in Mt. Lebanon, NY.  The stand on the right, extremely rare, is from ca. 1830. Described by Antiques Magazine as "the finest stand made in America."
Shaker tall cabinet, another Mt. Lebanon, NY creation. Black cherry, 78" x 18' x 13".

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Chris Becksvoort, furniture maker, Maine
Chris Becksvoort.
Michael D. Wilson

What furniture designers or makers do you admire most and why?
Without a doubt the Shakers and the Scandinavians: clean, unadorned and functional.
What was your favorite piece to make?
The favorite piece is always the one I've never built before.
What one piece would you most like to make that you haven't?
Chairs are the most difficult to design and build.  I still have one or two that I'd like to find the time to bring to fruition.
Favorite drink?
Lagavulin and/or Oban, beyond a doubt.
What would be your last meal?
Hey this is Maine, I'd go with lobster, red potatoes with rosemary, and blueberry pie. Pretty basic. Amazingly delicious.